The success of a professional website is defined by how well it achieves goals. 

Superb Marketing Solutions clients often approach our service with the following goals for their website presence:
  • Organic reach
  • Attractive design
  • Increased traffic and web sales
  • Establish business and an industry authority
Crafting a successful website, to include design and functionality, involves careful planning, implementation, feedback, and improvement. The professionals at Superb Marketing Solutions ensure that each client website is successful in meeting the client's goals. Our professional staff is committed to working with clients to understand business needs, provide creative and functional options, review, launch, and report on the success of each site.


Building a beautiful website is only half the battle—you also need a
website that can perform.

One Website That Works 
On Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Traditional desktop-only sites simply won’t cut it anymore. One study from comScore found that 49 percent of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with tablets accounting for an additional 12 percent. 
With just 31 percent of time left over for desktop devices, it becomes clear that websites should be built mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and desktop-friendly. That’s why we employ what’s called responsive web design.

Traditionally, responsive design means stretching and shrinking your site to fit different screen sizes. However, we take it a step further by tailoring different features for different devices as well. For example, a Click-to-Call button will appear on a mobile device, but not a tablet or desktop. The experience and the needs of a visitor can greatly differ between a mobile and desktop device, and we make sure that our content and designs consistently reflect that.

Better Search Engine Optimization

No matter how big or small your website is, SEO is one of the most powerful tools available.
Search engine optimization relates to how well your site does in search rankings on sites like Google and Bing. The higher your site climbs in rankings, the more likely it will gain new traffic,visits and customers.

Knowing this, we employ the best of the best SEO practices on all of our sites to get our clients the most traffic possible. We accomplish by highly targeting certain keywords and optimizing the structure of your site to be the most Google- and Bing-friendly it can be.

Once again, this is where responsive design comes into play. The websites create are structured under one URL (e.g., which is makes it easier for these search giants to find relevant information on your site that helps give you a boost in rankings. This is especially important for highly-valued mobile search traffic.

Currently, mobile devices are winning the battle for supremacy in local search, and these searchers are looking to take action. According to a study from Google, four out of five consumers conduct local searches on search engines and 88 percent of them are doing it on smartphones. What’s more, 50 percent of these people will visit a store within a day. 

But we don’t’ stop there. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your business to gain a full understanding of what we can do to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that generates more traffic on every device.

Normally, the web is a uniform experience—every visitor gets the same experience on a website as the next guy. But over the past few years, large enterprises like Amazon have used a strategy of website personalization to boost their conversion rate. This is because creating a one-to-one visitor experience speaks directly to a potential customer and their needs.

However, we don’t think this technology should be reserved for companies with vast budgets and endless resources. So, we’ve developed a way to offer this kind advanced customer-conversion technology to small business owners like you.

Stats on Website Personalization
There’s a few statistics that show how much web personalization can help the success of your
  • Nearly three in four (74 percent) online consumers get frustrated with websites when the content that’s displayed, such as offers or promotions, has nothing to do with their interests.
  • In-house marketers who personalize their customers’ web experiences see an average of 19 percent uplift in sales.
Our agency can create a dynamic website that changes based off user’s behavior such as visit history, proximity to your business, time of day/week/month, device type, etc., that adapts its content to deliver a tailored experience with business-driving features that increase conversions. Website personalization truly is the next great frontier in web design.

At Superb Marketing Solutions we offer our clients hosting options with premium support features. Our premium website technical support contains a service which supports use of the website editor. Updates to the website editor will be made to assist with continued understanding of the new opportunities that are available for your business on the internet.

Most competing hosting companies only provide limited support which translates into ensuring that the core services are functioning. They are unable to assist with the actual functions of the platform, such as uploading a photo or updating information on your website. That's where our service steps it up with an unprecedented premium level of support. When we build your website, we host it, and provide full support whether you are adding an additional page using the admin system, uploading a new images, updating information, or simply asking a question. Our support team is just a phone call away. Support is available during regular business hours and also after hours for urgent issues.

Superb Marketing Solutions offers beautiful, practical, and functional design services for small businesses and individuals. 

Whether you are launching a new business or updating your current brand we can handle all of the design details including logo design, business card creation, letterheads, brochures, flyers, signage, and any other branding materials. We specialize in helping businesses establish their brand and we are happy to handle your corporate identity and branding needs.

Your business is unique and communicating this to your customers and potential clients is critical to the success of your enterprise. We implement our knowledge, creativity, and graphic design experience to create appealing layouts, designs, and illustrations that differentiate your company and effectively communicate your message. Our graphic designs are original and created specifically for your business according to the style preferences you have indicated.

Compelling design encourages prospects to engage more with marketing materials. Effective design can be successful in explaining complicated information in a simplified manner. Design features can convert leads into customers.


The Superb Marketing Solutions website editor is so simple and easy to use that continuous editing of a client site is a breeze. Content elements, such as text, pictures, videos, and slideshows are easily added and modified through a simple, drag and drop interface. Clients maintain ongoing control of their content from one simple platform.


Our proprietary eCommerce website builder provides a surprisingly simple way to sell products online. Offering modern store designs and the powerful features you expect in order to provide a consistent shopping experience that works across all devices, Superb Marketing Solutions creates eCommerce stores that perform.


Getting online can be daunting, and at Superb Marketing Solutions, we have everything you need to get started. No frills, just reliable, simple domain registration and excellent service. Backed by Australia's largest domain registrar, utilizing world-class hosting infrastructure. Rest assured that your personal or business website is safe and secure with us.


In addition to a wide range of website and marketing solutions, Superb Marketing Solutions offers email setup and hosting for our clients. Whether your business is small, growing, or already well established, our team will configure professional email, online storage, shared calendars, and other tools exclusively designed for business teams.


Superb Website Solutions will never require our clients to sign a contract or agree to ongoing fees. Our team charges a custom website design and setup fee, a website hosting and domain registration fee, and a general maintenance fee under some circumstances. Any additional features or add-ons are handled individually and are itemized to ensure a complete understanding of the invoice.

Once the custom website is purchased, it belongs to the client. Superb Website Solutions does not retain copyright or royalties over any content on the websites we develop. Clients receive a comprehensive package that includes user friendly instructions about how to operate the editing platform. The guide also includes analytics that detail the progress of the new website and statistics and offers premium support.
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